15 Incredible Things to Do in Trinidad & Tobago That You’ve Never Heard Of

Trinidad has become the new mecca of Caribbean tourism and it’s not hard to see why. Beautiful beaches, colorful culture, and rich history are just the beginning of what this island can offer you during your visit. If you’re curious about the best things to do in Trinidad, look no further, because here are 15 incredible things to do in Trinidad that you’ve never heard of before!

Visit the Pitch Lake

Trinidad Pitch Lake
A man’s hand stirring liquid asphalt with a wooden stick at Pitch Lake, the largest natural deposit of bitumen in the world. La Brea, Trinidad island, Trinidad and Tobago.

The Pitch Lake is the largest natural asphalt lake in the world. It’s so large that it is said that if you stood on one side of the lake and took a photo, you wouldn’t be able to see the other side. The pitch has been used for centuries for everything from caulking boats, as a sealant for ships, and even as a waterproofing agent in buildings.

Go on a hike to the waterfalls

Drone Picture of Trinidad and Tobago

The majestic waterfalls at Maracas are one of the most popular things to do in Trinidad, but the hike isn’t an easy one. The trail is steep and slippery, so it’s not recommended for children or people with a fear of heights. But it is more than worth it: when you reach the falls you can swim right next to them and feel the cool waters run down your skin. Plus, you’ll have a hard time beating the amazing views.

Take a dip in the mud baths

One of the most incredible things you can do is take a dip in the mud baths. The mud here is rich in minerals and clay, which will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. It’s not the nicest feeling when it’s first on your skin (especially for those who are not used to getting dirty), but once you dip underwater it feels like a whole new world.

Watch the birds at the Asa Wright Nature Centre

South America, Trinidad, Arima Valley, Asa Wright Nature Center. Trees and vines hanging over the water.

The Asa Wright Nature Centre is a bird sanctuary and one of the most incredible things to do on your trip. The birds are so well taken care of, they’re absolutely beautiful, and it’s very fascinating to watch them fly around. It’s also a great spot for some nice pictures as they’re all over the place. If you can’t make it out there, you can always see photos of the place online.

See the largest brain coral in the world

The Caribbean’s largest Brain Coral.

One of the best things to do in Trinidad visits the Coral Gardens Marine Reserve. This is where you will find the world’s largest brain coral, which stretches over 100 feet long. It’s also a great place to see a variety of fish and other marine life, including stingrays, turtles, and octopi.

Learn about Trinidad’s history at the Fort George Museum

A cannon and the Officers Quarters, now a museum, at the historic Fort King George in Scarborough, Tobago.

The Fort George Museum is one of the best places to learn about Trinidad’s history. Situated at the top of El Cerro, which is a hill overlooking Port of Spain and the Gulf of Paria, it houses artifacts from pre-colonial times up until independence from Britain in 1962. The museum also has an observation deck with spectacular views of the city and coastline.

Stroll through the botanical gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens in Port of Spain, Trinidad

The botanical gardens are an excellent place to stroll through and explore. There are flowers, plants, butterflies, and even a water garden. The gardens are open from 9 am until 6 pm every day of the week. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for children.

Take a tour of the cocoa plantations

Roxborough, Trinidad and Tobago – January 10, 2020: Gates at the entrance to the Tobago Cocoa Estate which produces organic cocoa beans for the chocolate industry.

There are a lot of things to do and see in Trinidad, but there’s no better way to get a true sense of the culture than by taking a cocoa plantation tour. The tours are about an hour long and include a talk from the owner that explains how cocoa is grown and harvested, as well as the history behind it. Plus, you get some free chocolate samples at the end!

Visit the Caroni Bird Sanctuary

eudocimus ruber, The scarlet ibis of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, head out to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary just north of Port of Spain. The sanctuary is home to an incredible variety of birds, including the Scarlet Ibis, Scarlet-headed Blackbird, Mangrove Swallow, Boat-billed Heron, Great Egret, and Glossy Ibis. It also features a large mangrove swamp with an elevated boardwalk that makes bird watching even easier.

Visit Port of Spain

For those interested in the African heritage of Trinidadian culture, Ikeja Village is a must-see. This African village hosts artisans and craftspeople, who sell items that have been passed down through generations. Visitors can purchase crafts and other unique souvenirs at the onsite market, or get a taste of West Indian cuisine from one of the food stalls.

Go fishing off the coast

There are a number of boat tours and fishing trips that you can take off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago. The boat tours are a great way to explore the coastline while you’re on vacation, or if you’re just looking for something different to do with your partner. Fishing is another great activity that takes place both on the coast and offshore. For those who want an even more authentic experience, they can choose to fish off the side of a small fishing boat.

Take a tour of the Angostura Rum Distillery

The Angostura Rum Distillery was founded by Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert and is one of the most famous rums in the world. The distillery is located on the northeastern coast of Trinidad island, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It’s a great place to visit for both history buffs and those who just want to see how rum is made. Tours include a video presentation, a walk-through of their distillery process, and a sampling of some local food and drinks!

Relax on one of the many beaches

One of the best things to do in Trinidad is to relax on one of the many beaches. The coastline is beautiful and there are plenty of activities for you or your family and friends. Pack some snacks, drinks, and a picnic blanket so you can spend the whole day sunbathing!

Shop for souvenirs at the Central Market

The Central Market is a great place to buy souvenirs and snacks. The market is stocked with everything from spices, to fruit and vegetables, to crafts like hand-made jewelry and pottery. There are even live chickens walking around! It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Try some of the local cuisines

The typical Trinidadian dish is the patty or doubles. Doubles are a simple sandwich consisting of two pieces of fried, flatbread with curried chickpeas and potatoes inside. If you want to try it, head over to East Street in Port-of-Spain.